Our talents

At CA Agency, we take pride in representing a diverse and dynamic roster of talented individuals who are shaping the digital landscape with their creativity and influence. Our talents are more than just content creators; they are storytellers, trendsetters, and artists who connect with their audiences in a personal and authentic way. Here, you’ll find a glimpse into the world of our remarkable Instagrammers, TikTokkers, and Webstars who are making waves online.

Our creators are masters of visual storytelling. They transform everyday moments into captivating narratives that resonate with their followers. With an eye for aesthetics and a passion for sharing their unique perspectives, they are the go-to source for inspiration, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content.

Romée van Zeeland

Sanae Benkrara

Madeline Lang

Shade Andrew

Valentina Best

Chayna Hegener

Douglas Abbes

Chanel Sorée

Selina Groetzner

Cansel Guel

Viktor Louka

Jad Ahmad

Gianni Aneca

Shirin Hossein

Olivia Talar

Franceska Rustem

Rashin Malakpoor

Raihan Uddin

Jay Sadiq

Wendie Vlaar

Ashley Ilene

Dariia Bordun

Emilia Emjeni

Jehona Bunjaku

Arbnora Berisha

Loresa Konushevci

Leonard Pauls

Kejsi Drenova

Bertie Garratt

Andrea Onni